Idle Knight Legends – BETA

zodiaq, November 1, 2018

We finally reached another Milestone in our development cycle: The BETA-Phase. This means that from this day forward the general public will be able to experience and hopefully enjoy Idle Knight Legends. It’s exciting but frightening at the same time since this is the very first Product Launch for our company. 

In this short entry we would like to outline what to expect, how we want to approach the beta and where it will be available. We take Community building very seriously at Immersive Pixels and think that feedback driven development is the key to a successful product and relationship with the players of the game.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our game and hope that you’re as excited as we are what the future will hold for Idle Knight Legends and Immersive Pixels.

What is Idle Knight Legends?

Idle Knight Legends is a loot-based idle game which let’s the player manage and control a little Ghost Character. The key to success and a lot of gold is to manage your Goblins & Minecarts efficiently.

Welcome to the the land of Albion, a realm full of treasures and loot. Fight mean goblins or employ friendly ones to work for you and conquer the dungeons of the land. Stuff your pockets with gold and equipment to become richer & stronger! But be careful, you’ll never know if there are more dangerous creatures lurking in the depth.

● Manage your worker & minecart efficiency
● Unlock deeper dungeon levels by fighting fierce goblins
● Find weapons & armor in dungeons.
● Level up different character attributes to become stronger & find the playstyle that suits you best.
● Unlock new dungeons by becoming richer & stronger.
● Retire your knight and send a new generation into the fight (Prestige)

Availability of Idle Knight Legends

The game will only be available in certain countries in the beginning. Making the game available only in a limited number of countries is called a soft-launch. Soft launching a product has some advantages, not only for us but for the users aswell. This will allow us to make a more polished experience and to slowly scale up towards more players. We will take the early feedback given by players and incoporate it into the game. So once it hits your country it will be a superior experience to it’s initial launch.

There is another aspect of soft-launching a product: language. A lot of countries prefer to use a product in their own language. At the beginning it’s tough to cater to all the different languages. In the end there isn’t only the actual localization of the product, but the support that should be able to answer in the respective languages, too. 

We will be launching in Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland & Austria.

The Road Ahead!

Listening to feedback and providing regular updates (Content & Fixes) in our opinion is the key to success, therefore we want to be able to update the game on a regular basis.

The journey ahead!
Your Legend has just begun!

We are already working on new features which will most likely be released in the upcoming weeks & months, but it should be clear that support for the game strongly depends on the success of it and the feedback we get during the Beta & Release phase. Our roadmap will most likely change once we collected all the valueable feedback.

In order to prevent that we are tapped away months long we want to release the features as early as possible and therefore we decided to integrate the player-base into the concept phases of features. 

For now this is all we have to say but be assured that we will outline our entire roadmap in an upcoming blog post. 

Thanks for your interest in this blog post. If you have any feedback regarding the blog posts please let us know! You can join our BETA of Idle Knight Legends at or from the buttons above.