UPDATE 1.0.2

zodiaq, November 11, 2018

After launch we very quickly received the first issues & feedback. We decided to hotfix some of the most daring ones and introduced these changes in Update 1.0.1. The new update is a bigger one – we bring even more fixes, new functionality and a new look. 

After releasing the last update, we decided to take a moment and sort all the new information we got from you guys playing the game. We priotized our internal roadmap and decided we will be focussing on improving the core foundation of the game in the next three weeks before introducing new features.

CHANGELOG (V. 1.0.2)

  • Multiple Usability Improvements and Bug Fixes.
  • Players can compete in our new Leaderboard.
  • “Trick or Treat”, come in and join our Halloween Celebration, it’s always better late than never. 

We did a lot of fixes to theUI when using phones with notches and integrated some more ad providers to tackle the recent problems we saw were players didn’t receive ads anymore.

A New Look

Some might already have seen a small teaser on our social media channels. Since we missed Halloween, but still want to celebrate the launch in a special way, we decided to integrate our Halloween Event anyway. I mean, after all, it’s still Halloween time in Albion, isn’t it?

“Better Late Than Never” – Halloween Overhaul

The Halloween Event brings some visual shenanigans to our worldmap and the dungeons. More surprises will be coming in the next update.


A lot of people requeste – rightly so – leaderboards among other social features. We decided to integrate these natively with the OS-functionality. Players wanting to compete with each others need to opt-in with their GameCenter (iOS) or Google Play (Android) account. This has another advantage – cross device savegames.

Players, that have linked their game account to their GameCenter or GooglePlay account, will have the possibility to continue playing on another device with the same savegame.

How do you compare Player progress? We decided to track progress by saving the lifetime prestige medals that are collected while playing the game. The progress is updated each time the player unlocks a new lane. However, medals that are gifted from the daily rewards won’t be counted towards the progress. 

What to expect from the next update?

The next update will continue our integration of social features with the introduction of achievements. Even though achievements might not be as exciting of a feature as full-on pvp matches (I’m not confirming anything here), we think that it will let the players engage with the game even more.

As mentioned above, we will have some more Halloween related surprises.

Another important part of the game is the accessibility. By observing new players we did see that some struggled to understand the core concept of the game.

We want to make some changes to how the game is controlled, how the tutorial introduces all the features and see if this helps with understanding the game.

These changes are planned to be rolled out over the next two weeks, as long as no nasty problems somehow bug us down.