UPDATE 1.0.3

zodiaq, November 20, 2018

This update integrates achievements, a regular reward & some improvements in how players manage their lanes. Read this entry to get more insight into what we have done.

Unfortunately it took us a bit longer to release this update due to an update of the engine.

CHANGELOG (V. 1.0.3)

  • Multiple Usability Improvements and Bug Fixes.
  • Players will now earn achievements. There are only four achievements but more are coming with the next release.
  • Added a special reward granted by the King that each players can collect every x minutes.
  • There is only one lane management window now from which the player can manage miner & cart.
  • Removed AdMobs as an ad provider since it caused Problems.

Currently we focus on fixing bugs related to the rewarded video ads and thus removed AdMobs as a mediator again since we saw lots of problems with YouTube Ads not rewarding the player and causing the game to crash. 

The King’s Reward

We integrated a new reward system that gives you a something to collect every couple of minutes. The reward comes in form of a scroll which is a reward from the King for your bravery. 

The reward can be gold or  prestige medals. We plan to integrate more rewards in the future such as limited boosts or gems, for example.

You can find the scroll attached to the last lane in each dungeon. 


As promised last week we integrated achievements. Unfortunately there are only four to collect in this update, but more will be following in the next release. 

The reason why there currently are only four rewards is related to a system that we still have to implement correctly, which allows us to have incremental rewards. Incremental rewards aren’t really supported by Gamecenter or Google Play in the way we need them.

What comes next?

In the upcoming updates we will focus more on improving the core gameplay and bug fixes. We plan to overhaul how prestige works by allowing the player to prestige each dungeon rather than resetting the entire game. 

When using prestige the player will keep their equipment and attributes. 

Once the prestige system is in place we will create an improved tutorial that explains better how the game works for newcomers. 

We still have some Halloween related weapons & armors in the next update which will mark the end of our Halloween themed event, but the next one is already around the corner *HoHoHo*.