UPDATE 1.0.5

zodiaq, Dezember 1, 2018

This update integrates potions, a visual overhaul to the store, changes to the daily login & scroll from the last release. Read this entry to get more insight into what we have done.

A couple of iterations ago we already had potions, but decided to remove them in the last minute due to balancing & system changes. This update re-introduces them in a different form. 

CHANGELOG (V. 1.0.5)

  • Multiple Usability Improvements and Bug Fixes.
  • Players can now use potions to boost their attack or defense values for a limited amount of time.
  • The Daily Login Rewards now only contain gems that can be spent in the store.
  • The King’s Reward Scroll will now reward Chests & Potions, too.
  • The Store-Front has been given an overhaul. Which is actually the first in a few more coming in the future.


As mentioned before potions have been in the game for a long time. In the past potions functioned as constant boosters. Players received them regularly and activated them to get a certain percentage added to their attack or defense value.

A lot of players thought that the potions were time bound however that wasn’t how we intended them, but ultimately let us to our decision to deactivate and revisit the system in an upcoming update.

This update has now arrived and we are re-introducing potions. We still have only two kinds of potions each with different rarities. However this time potions are time limited, thus players have to decide in which situation they want to use them. 

Left To Right: 200-100% Attack, 10-50% Attack, 100-200% Defense, 10-50% Defense

You can loot potions from chests, the store or the King’s Reward Scroll. The red potion will boost your attack value and the blue one your defense value.

Each potion type can have different rarities (Common (+10%), Uncommon (+25%), Rare (+50%), Epic (+100%) and Legendary (+200%)). They have a duration from 1 minute to 5 minutes and can be stacked to a maximum of 90 minutes.

We plan to implement more potions in upcoming updates.

Daily Login & King’s Reward

We decided to give out more gems that can be used in the store, thus from this update onward the Daily Login will reward you with gems on each day. You’ll receive 10 Gems (Day1), 20 Gems (Day 2), 20 Gems (Day 3), 30 Gems (Day 4) and 50 Gems (Day 5). 

As a second change we decided to give out other rewards from the King’s Reward Scroll. You’ll receive Chests and Potions and more rewards will be following once we introduce new features in the game.