Christmas & Update 1.0.8

zodiaq, Dezember 21, 2018
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

The end is nigh! We are almost there and the new year is approaching fast. Update 1.0.8 is the final update that will bring new features before we release the game in the store. 

Update 1.0.8 is, of course, not the last update we will do however we won’t release any further major changes or features before going live. This of course doesn’t include doing regular bug fixes. 

So what can you expect from Update 1.0.8? As mentioned before we worked on changing how our prestige system works. Furthermore we improved the initial experience of the game by introducing an entire new tutorial system. 

The tutorial system might not be the most interesting feature for existing players, but is an important part to introduce the game to new players.

Prestige System

Let’s take a step back and look at how prestige worked in the past. Initially prestige is a feature to counter the ever exponentially growing costs and progress further in the game. 

Players decided at strategic points of the game to reset the progress in return for medals. Medals is a currency which is used to buy boosters. For example you can buy a booster that gives you a multiplicator on the income you generate. The amount of medals you receive depends on how far you are into the game. 

Thus the amount of medals grows the further you progress. This allows you to buy more boosters and multiply your income even more. 

The main drawback of the system has always been that you will loose all your progress. Every dungeon got reset and the equipment is lost. 

How does the new system work then?

Press the new button to open the prestige window! The number shows your current generation of the dungeon.

The new system changes this to a certain degree. Players still need to decide when to reset certain parts of the game. However instead of resetting everything players can now reset each dungeon separately. 

Therefore with the new system you’ll keep your hard earned equipment & attributes. Furthermore you’ll keep the progress you made in the other dungeons, too. 

How does the gameplay change by this?

The way how prestige works now improves the overall feeling of progress in our opinion. Especially keeping your equipment just feels better. However we would like to point out that these extensive changes to existing systems can create new bugs, thus we look forward to the feedback you give us about the new system.