Roadmap & Core Changes

zodiaq, Februar 20, 2019

We are still here and work hard on the game. In the past last months we mainly pushed bug fixes and balancing changes. This was due to us preparing for a full release of the game. We decided to postpone the launch due to some exciting changes we are working on.

We talked about releasing a roadmap before and now the time has come. The roadmap will contain our planned development schedule up to our full release. Please keep in mind that development of games is very volatile and things change from time to time. Therefore things that are planned or in development might get cancelled this is even more true so for features that only exist as concepts or ideas. 


We integrated a “The Future” section which contains ideas and concepts we talked about in the past and might be integrated in the future. 

An exciting journey awaits!

Core Changes

We moved the full release to May for now. We did this due to the fact that we realized that the games core gameplay still isn’t statisfying enough to create a long time motivation for players. 

Therefore we decided to revisit our core gameplay and make some changes. These changes are scheduled to be released in May. We will release an overview detailing the core changes at a later date.