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Idle Knight Legends

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Our company is focused on delivering innovative and independent video games on a multitude of platforms. Consisting out of a group of young and motivated individuals who are ready to conquer the gaming world with their own ideas and unique know-how.


Early history

The core team of IMMERSIVE PIXELS existed ever since we met during university. From that day on we shifted slowly towards developing games in some form. During studies we started work on a game called "Origami" as a project prototype. "Origami" is an 3D adventure game based on Unreal Engine 4 in which the player takes control of a character which can control magic orb creatures that can change their color and thus allow the player to overcome different obstacles within the world.

Industry Experience

In 2014 Gavin Barnes has been contacted by Sebastian Rahmel Managing Director of encurio GmbH who had the idea to develop a game which later became Valnir Rok. Valnir Rok is a multiplayer survival role-playing game in a Viking setting which failed to find an audience, financial success and it's initial vision. It has been released on Steam in 2017 due to the financial situation a lot of the team members had to depart from the company which in return sparked the idea to found a company. Besides the experience that has been gained from Valnir Rok some of the members worked on other game studios in the past such as Prianha Bytes or Good Games.

The Foundation

"Project Clicker" which now is known as "Idle Knight Legends" started as a hobby project in order to get more experienced with game development and to test multiple ideas. The team built the foundation in their spare time and from their own fundings. After the departure from encurio some of the members realized the potential in the game to become successful on the app market and pushed it into a more professional direction from which IMMERSIVE PIXELS has been founded by the three managing directors Jan Brinkmann, Alexander Romanjuk and Gavin Barnes in cooperation with Florian Gohlke, Dominik Rütt, Anh Minh Nguyen, Sven Dekubanowski and Julien Sander.



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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Jan Brinkmann
    Managing Director, 3D Artist

    Alexander Romanjuk
    Managing Director, Programmer

    Gavin Barnes
    Managing Director, Programmer

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